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You may be required to comply with the Australian Standard for the Design, construction and fit-out of food premises (AS 4674-2004). This Standard provides criteria on design and construction to assist with compliance with Standard 3.2.3 for new food premises and alterations to existing food premises.


We are a Spray Foam Insulation company based out of Campbelltown that service not only Sydney but as well, Regional NSW, ACT and Victoria if specified and jobs sizable enough.
Average job takes 3 to 4 hours to complete, escalating completion and hand over.


The methodology we use is to inject specified spray foam insulation into Food premise walls that have been lined both sides via 10mm holes strategically pre-drilled to enable injection process from bottom plate to ceiling height for all specified walls in the scope. Generally, it is a requirement for rear and side walls of prep area as well as piding or serve over wall between Food prep area and Customer sides that need to be compliant. Thermal imaging photos can also be arranged if requested to send with compliancy certificates.

This is a very quick, cost effective method which generally takes 3 to 4 hours for average size job from go to wow. It has a massive advantage over ‘Hebel Brick’ in terms of:

Quick and Effective
Feather light weight 
Dust free 
Relatively quiet 
No sawing  
No interruption to other Tradesman
30 to 40% less than Hebel Brick
Guaranteed deadlines for hand over

Certificate of Compliance

On completion and payment of job, a certificate of Compliance will be issued for you and your Certifier. Thermal imaging of walls can be provided if requested.

Certification Compliance

AS 4674-2004 Solid Wall Construction

Basis of Certification

AS/NZS 1530.0 Test Method for heat and smoke release / AS 4674-2004
In accordance with specifications 2.4 of the Building Code of Australia BCA Part J3
Combined R-value of the insulation in wall cavity meets R-2.0 or greater as required by the energy efficiency report.
Safe Food Australia AS 4674-2004 Construction and fit out of Food Premises commercial grade solid wall construction.

Reference Documentation
Safe Food Australia AS 4674-2004. Construction and fit out of Food Premises commercial grade solid wall construction.
Section J of the BCA.
Safe Food Australia AS 4674-2004 Construction and fit out of food premises
Food Premises & Equipment (Must Prevent the entry and Harbourage of pests, vermin, dust or other external pollutants.)
Food safety Standard 3.2.3

Quote/Estimates can be given based on:                
Volume of Product
Locality and access of job and parking
After hours’ rates if necessary
Manning and Mobilization

Basic requirements we need for costings:

Preferably marked up drawings of scope

Advantage on site to see photos of unlined walls to check location of Gas/power/plumbing lines.

Info Required as follows:

1. Lineal meters
2. Wall height or variations
3. Stud thickness or variations - 64mm, 90mm, 28mm furring channel
4. Framing - Timber or Steel
5. Noggins - If any, marked by builder - Yes or No
6. Stud centres 450/600 - 450 best results
7. Wall type - Gypsum/Villa Board /Fibre cement
8. GPO supply on site. Require x 2 uninterrupted

Completed walls visually and thermally scanned for wall fill satisfaction.

All jobs require a 50% deposit to be paid / remittance prior to install.
Associated Compliancy Certificates and thermal image photos supplied after balance payment 5 working days from completion.

What now from here moving forward?

1 Come back to us with dimensions, drawings, photos etc.to enable quote
2 An accurate estimate/quote will be given based on information provided
3 If favourable, an estimated install date will be agreed upon
4 Accounts department will furnish quote with terms and conditions
5 On install date with site supervisor present, a re-check of dimensions will occur and any necessary alterations, plus or minus can be made and agreed on to invoice to ensure neither party is disadvantaged.

Hope this has been helpful and welcome your enquiry.